Ed Moses: Origins. The explosion of art onto the Los Angeles scene with the birth of the Ferus Gallery, and how Moses and the Cool School artists were instrumental in the formation of art in Los Angeles. A documentary directed by Kriss Perras. Fund this documentary on Kickstarter.

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Like any film production, we need a budget to make our film. Ed Moses: Origins is a project worthy of your investment. It is a film about a cultural iconoclastic figure who was influential for decades. He was a rebel. This film will explore the then undiscovered beauty and visionary works of mark maker and mutator Ed Moses, an American legend, examining his explosive influence on the Los Angeles art scene.

Eye For An Eye

A man starves to the point of delirium in a cabin during the post apocalypse until he finds food in an unlikely source. The only problem is, his meal ticket comes back to even the score in a deadly psychological battle. This short has the potential for a good run at the film festivals, a cult following and ROI on DVD sales due to the name recognized talent attached and the compelling story.

Holo: Genesis

Holo: Genesis brings the audience into the high-tech punk world of the human psyche. Set in the unforgiving culture of death, cyberwar and the Necromancer, our heroes live in an unchangeable and unstoppable time. A neural-charged world of hacks, implants and the Mindbender hurls them into a gripping terror that gives rise to psychosexual emotions, a satisfaction in forgetting to fear death and the in evitable corrosion of humanity.