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Ed Moses: Origins. The explosion of art onto the Los Angeles scene with the birth of the Ferus Gallery, and how Moses and the Cool School artists were instrumental in the formation of art in Los Angeles. Documentary Directed by Kriss Perras. Fund this documentary on Kickstarter.

Malibu Arts Journal:The steady power of art as earned influence. Ruptured Media Films: Engaging the world with meaningful stories. Ruptured Media: Story: The Oxygen Of Human Relations.

An engaging story is why we go to and stay involved in a movie. A story that matters to the audience is the blueprint on which we build a timeless film. These are the stories with meaning. These are the stories that stay with us long after we leave the theater or turn off the TV.

Assessing a script for premise, dialogue, character and structure is an art form. Ruptured Media will breakdown your script in industry standard coverage format with an emphasis on assessing these core elements.